You're In My Seat Pt. 02



"You're in my seat," I said, leaning towards her. If I angle just right, I can see a bit of the cleavage she teased me with yesterday. And I'm pretty sure she was teasing.

I can't believe it, I thought yesterday was a one time thing. Ally Patton, the girl I've wanted for ages, talking to me. When I first developed a crush on her, she was just like me—quiet, unassuming, and a bit of a geek. In junior high I would watch her as she would play with her hair in class, sometimes running the end of her dark brown braid across her lips while reading. When I did watch her, I often stayed in my seat just a bit longer so that I could calm down before walking to my next class. There's nothing worse than having a boner in school, especially when you're a skinny geek.

I kept telling myself I'd talk to her, and I did a few times, but we were both shy and conversations were difficult. There's only so much you can say about the weather or lunch before it gets totally awkward. Sometimes I would see her looking at me, and I thought she might like me, but I wasn't even sure how to approach her, let alone ask her for a date.

Then high school happened. I lost sight of Ally for a few months over the summer and by the time fall rolled around I hardly recognized her. Gone were her braids and braces, and in their place she seemed to have gotten perky tits, curvy hips and wavy hair that bounced when she walked. I'm sure that some of that was there before, but she just matured. Before she was cute, at least to I thought so, but then, suddenly, she was hot. And suddenly any chance I had with her was gone.

I know I'm not totally a skinny geek now, I mean I do work out a bit and I look a lot better after finishing my acne medication, but for awhile there I was just a total mess. While Ally got better looking, I got worse. I hated looking in the mirror, my face was so full of painful pockmarks and pustules. My parents were really understanding and took me to the doctor for all the different treatments until I got the strongest acne drug there is. It was so hard core, I had to have blood tests every few months to make sure my liver was still functioning properly. The drug was working, but a side effect of it is severe dry skin. So then I wasn't just a completely zitty geek, I was a zitty geek with completely dry, flaking and cracking skin where I didn't have zits.

Ally started to date a senior and he was one of those all-around great guys that everyone can't help but like—popular but not a jerk, definitely golden. It was easy to keep an eye on Ally after that because she was everywhere and I was mostly invisible. She wasn't the most popular girl, but she was with the popular girls. After her boyfriend graduated and they broke up, she still was part of their group.

My friend, Kevin, kept telling me to look somewhere else, but I was still drawn to Ally, for whatever reason. I hadn't had my first kiss, I mean my lips were so chapped it would probably kill anyway, and the chance that any girl would have been interested was laughable. Instead, I threw myself into my interests and did a bit of working out. I joined the engineering club at school and the tech crew, learning about circuitry and wiring, something that I wanted to study at university.

By second semester of senior year, my skin had cleared, I had an early acceptance to mechanical engineering at a good school an hour away, and not too much time left to waste in high school. Until yesterday, until Ally happened.

"What the hell do I say to her?" I had just explained the strange conversation with Ally to Kevin at lunch.

"I don't know, but I think you need to tell her about what you saw with Paul. I mean it's only right."

"Maybe, but I can't come right out and say 'Oh by the way, you're scary big boyfriend is gay.' Somehow I don't think that will go over well."

"Maybe just hint at it and hope she figures it out?"

"I don't know."

"Hell, you don't even know if she'll show up again, Carter. If she does show up, tell her."

Surprisingly, she was on the bus after school, and there was no mistaking her flirting with me. And no mistaking the effect she was having on my cock. She leaned over me, tits straining against her top, threatening to escape. It was hard to move my eyes from them to actually look up at her face, but I'm sure from the way she angled her body she wanted me to look. Somehow over the course of the day there were less buttons restraining those creamy tits than there were this morning.

If I wasn't interested enough before we actually had a great conversation about some of our shared favourite books. Honestly, she's the whole package, brains and body. When the bus started up she actually put her hand on my thigh and her touch tingled straight to my cock. I had to change the subject to try and keep everything under control. She and I talked a bit about her boyfriend and I hinted to her that there might be something going on with Paul right before it was time for me to get off. And fuck did I want to get off. I had to climb over her to get out of the seat when the bus ground to a shuddering halt at my stop. She only moved her legs a fraction, so I had no choice but to squeeze by her. Because she's been so flirtatious I couldn't resist giving her a good view of my swollen cock aching against the tight denim, it was right at eye level, and Ally actually groaned.

The vision of her biting her lip while eyeing my dick was enough for me to almost run from the bus stop until I reached my bedroom where I promptly unloaded. I got my pants undone, and only had to stroke it a few times before I shot off into a sock. God, I wonder what her lips would feel like? What her pussy would feel like? What Paul's fist would do to my finally decent looking face if he found out that I outed him to his girlfriend while I lusted after her?

She stoked my fantasies a few more times that night, the curve of her tits, the perky nipples, her taut ass, but by the morning I knew I had to stay away from her. If she was really into me, then she'd do what's right and ditch Paul. As much as I liked her, I wasn't about to become a punching bag for a sexually frustrated neanderthal. If she was on the bus in the morning I would just tell her what I know and let her deal with the rest of it, but I don't want to be some sort of plaything.


"You're in my seat." This time Carter leaned towards me letting me get a long look at the outline of his thick cock, which I'm pretty sure was at least a little aroused and I knew he did it on purpose. I wonder if he jacked off last night thinking about me? Like I fingered myself thinking of him? That would be the hottest thing ever.

"I was just keeping it warm for you, Carter." I stood up and brushed against him so he could have the window seat. All of me, including my pussy, tingled as my body made contact.

"Ally, did you talk to Paul?" Carter sat down, his eyes unreadable, but the goosebumps on his arms showed some reaction to our touch.

"No, he's coming back today. It's not really something you can just text—besides he isn't answering any of my texts." I let out a sigh, "How do you know about the beard thing? I mean, I totally think you're right, but how did you know?"

He looks at me sideways and said quietly, "Honestly, I don't know for sure, but I may have seen something a week ago."


"Well, I was working on the soundboard in the control room and the stage mic was on. It wasn't supposed to be on, I mean there wasn't anything scheduled for the stage, I was getting it prepped for the end of the year assemblies." He's obviously uneasy about what he's about to tell me. "There were two people on the stage—two guys on the stage—behind the curtains and they were obviously very absorbed in what they were doing. I know one of them was Greg, but I'm almost sure the other was Paul." Greg is one of the guys in our school who is out and was tutoring Paul this semester in math.

"Were they fucking?" As much as I should be upset, I'm also turned on at the idea of overhearing them have sex. Seriously, I know some people would think that makes me a slut, but I think it just makes me honest. Besides it would be nice if Paul was enjoying it somewhere, I guess.

"No, Greg was giving someone a blowjob."

"How do you know it was Paul?"

Carter shifts embarrassedly, "I don't for sure, but he did say, 'so much better than Ally.' in between moans and I sort of saw their shadows. One was tall and thin," totally Greg "and the other was broad, with a thick physique and not too tall."

He seems to have a bit more evidence than what he is saying, but I'm not going to press him for more details, but sounds like Paul. "Oh," I said flatly.

"I'm sorry Ally. I mean, for what it's worth, I do think it's better you know."

"Know what, that I give shitty blowjobs?"

"That's not what I meant at all. I'm sure you give great blowjobs," Carter's face turns red and he stumbles to correct himself, "but maybe it would be better to give them to someone who'd appreciate them."

"Are you volunteering?" I said teasingly, eyebrows raised.

Carter's crimson colouring now goes all the way to his ears, "Are...are you offering?" he stumbled over the words, seemingly enjoying the flirting as much as it embarrassed him.

"Well, I mean, apparently I need practice."

I nibbled my bottom lip and stole a look at his pants. His cock was definitely hard now and straining against the fabric of his jeans, and I was sure he had something I wanted. I grazed my fingertips across his covered shaft, under the auspices of losing my balance a bit as the bus rounded a corner uneasily. Carter closed his eyes and stifled a groan; my purple thong became soaked between my pussy lips. My nipples hardened to nubs, pressing against the lacy fabric of my bra and the two points were clearly outlined through the sheer fabric of my dress.