You're In My Seat Pt. 03



"You're in my seat."

I don't look up. "No, I'm not. Your seat is up there. Besides, you don't want to have anything to do with me, remember?"

Carter's voice is full of remorse, "I'm sorry. I'm an idiot, can you forgive me?"

"I don't know. Why should I?" I respond petulantly, focusing on my book.

"If you've really liked me for as long as you say, then I think one fuck up is forgivable."

I look up at him and his adorable pouting face, bottom lip sticking out making me want to bite it, "Carter, shut up and sit down."

He slides in next to me, close, so close, "Did you talk to Paul?"

I give a big sigh, "Yes. He came clean. We broke up."

Carter brightens up visibly, "Really?"

"Yes, I told him I would stand by him if he came out, but I wasn't going to help him fake it anymore. We both deserve to be with someone we really care about," I explain.

After thinking for a second, Carter brings up our conversation from the morning, "Ally, did you mean it? Have you really liked me for years?"

"Yes. You never knew?"

"No, I mean I might have suspected years ago, but I am pretty clueless. Why didn't you ever say anything?"

"Why should I? Look how much you cared when I told you." I'm kind of teasing but still smarting a little from before school.

"It was just a surprise, so I tried to protect myself. I mean look at you compared to me. How did I know you weren't playing me?"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"I'm just a geek and you're..." he waves his hand up and down towards me, "you know you're hot."

"That's a load of crap and you know it. You've always been attractive. Besides, I'm a geek, too." Honestly how could he not see how his lanky form was tight in all the right places?

"If you are, you're a geek undercover," Carter says looking me up and down.

"I'd like to get under your covers," I said giving him a coy look and running a finger in circles on his knee.

Carter groaned, "Stop teasing me, Ally."

"I'm not teasing Carter. I full intend on following through," I whispered in his ear, my voice low and husky. "Don't get off at your stop. Get off with me." Double entendre completely intended. I felt him shiver next to me he grasped my meaning, I smiled at him sweetly, then I resumed reading my book.

His stop came and went without him even twitching towards the open door, and I tingled with anticipation. I read the same sentence over and over as I tried to steal a peek at Carter. He kept shifting uncomfortably in his seat, probably because his cock was primed and keeping it contained must have been painful. I could see the bulge. My pussy was definitely wet with my juices and I could almost smell my musky-sweet aroma. Our stop couldn't come quickly enough and I was getting antsy too. Finally the bus pulled up to the top of my street.

I pulled Carter by the arm to the door of my house and wrenched it open as soon as I finished fumbling with the lock. Entering the narrow front hall, it suddenly got awkward. I was so sure he was into me, but I could feel his nervous energy just keeping him on edge.

"Uh, nice house," Carter swallowed and I watched the dipping of his adam's apple along his throat. Ours bags dropped to the floor with a resounding thunk, emphasizing the silence between us.

"Thanks. Do you want a drink or something?"


I led him into the tv room, offering him the remote and a seat on the worn couch while I went and got us a couple of pops.

"We only have diet, I hope that's okay?" I called from the kitchen.


The next little while was incredibly awkward. We sat next to each other on the couch and I really wanted to touch him, but Carter seemed off compared to the easy conversations we've already had.

"Carter, what's wrong?" I finally ask.

His eyes look down and he fiddles with a hole at the knee of his jeans, pale skin peeking through, "Um... Ally I'd really like to kiss you, but...well, I've never done it before."

"What do you mean?"

He peeks up at me through a veil of bangs, his head slightly tilted,"I've never kissed a girl, aside from spin the bottle in seventh grade."

"Why not? I mean, Carter, you have to see that you're attractive, right?"

"Maybe I am now, but for a few years there..." his voice trails off as he turns towards me fully.

"You've always been attractive. I know you had bad acne, but-"

"But nothing. I looked like shit and I felt like crap, too. No one in their right mind would have kissed me."

"Well then, let's make up for lost time."

I put my hand on top of the one on his knee, stilling his nervous movements. His fingers intwine with mine and his slightly calloused skin spreads waves of heat through me. He stares at our interlocked hands for a second, then moves closer, his lips dampened as his tongue darts out and wets them slightly and his eyes lower to my lips.

The first kiss is tentative, gentle and soft, unsure and like a light caress. The scent of his skin, the slight stubble of his face, all of it is Carter. My chest is tight and my lips are tingling as he slowly pulls away. His hand moves to my cheek, looking for assurance. My eyes flutter closed as I dive for his delicious lips and I can feel his hand moving further back, behind my neck tilting my head into him.

The second kiss is deeper, harder and insistent, full of longing and want. My mouth opens to him and I breathe him in, suck him in, run my tongue across his lips then delve inside. Carter groans into our joined mouths, then penetrates my mouth sending my head spinning. This kiss is unlike anything I've experienced before and I want to melt into him. Instead, I take his hand still in mine and I place it on my side, prompting him to touch me, his fingers to explore.

Carter groans again as he shifts his hand up and down my side, playing my ribs, grazing the edge of my breast. Electric shocks spark to my nipples and I push myself against him as my breasts tighten with the contact, tingling with excitement. With my free hand, I mimic his gestures, circling with pressure, kneading his back through his shirt. His firm, trim but muscled torso is amazing and I want more of him, all of him.

Our lips separate as Carter runs his nose along my jawbone, then nuzzles my ear, blowing into it slightly. "Ohhh, Carter," I moan, panting. His one hand tugs at my hair to position my neck for his mouth, his other has my breast firmly in hand and is massaging my tit.

"Oh fuck, Ally. You have no idea how long I've wanted this, wanted you," he groans into my ear, nibbling my lobe. I jerk away from his lips to keep from dissolving into giggles due to his ministrations to a ticklish area.

"What? What do you mean?" I breathe as I suck the flesh at his collarbone, breathing in the linen fresh scent of his shirt which I've pushed aside.

"You're not the only one with a secret crush, I've always had a thing for you. Always, since we first met." He reclaims my mouth with renewed vigour, his kisses deep and possessive, one hand moving down my back to the clasp of my bra, the other tweaking my nipple.

His admissions send me reeling. "I need you, Carter. I need to touch you, see you, taste you. I want to be your first everything."

"I want that too, Ally, but—" his speech is halted by the sound of the front door opening. But what, I wonder, what? Paul's face is flushed as he and I straighten out our rumpled clothes. His lips are swollen from our kissing and I've left a hickey at the base of his neck.

"Hello?" my mom calls from the front hall, as I groan in frustration. "Ally?" There's a loud stumbling sound and a muffled curse word, "What have I told you about leaving your bag in the front hall? You know I'm not.." My mom walks into the room and stops mid lecture when she notices Carter. "Oh, hello there."

"Mom, this is Carter Winters, we go to school together. Well for a few more weeks anyway."

"Hi Mrs. Patton, nice to meet you." Oddly enough, Carter doesn't try to get off the couch to shake my mom's hand—I can't imagine why.

"You too, Carter. So are you off to school in the fall?"

"Mom!" She hated that Paul wasn't going to University, so I'm assuming she's got some sort of checklist as to whether or not Carter is suitable for me to date.

"Yes, actually I got early acceptance into Engineering at Western."

"Really?" I look over at him, surprised.

"What?" he sounds a bit defensive.

"Ally's going to Western, too," my mom explains.

"Yeah, but I'm taking journalism," I add.

"That's great, Ally," Carter says, giving me a big smile, and I'm not quite as worried now about his unfinished 'but' from when my mom interrupted.

"What are you doing home, Mom?"

"You have a dentist appointment, remember?" my mom turns to take her grocery bag into the kitchen.

Disappointment and frustration courses through me. "Shoot, I totally forgot. Do you want a drive home?"

"No, it's okay, I can walk. I'll see you later Mrs. Patton." Carter stands, adjusting himself and I get a fleeting look at the bulge in his pants. Damn, I want more.

Following him to the front hall, I bend suggestively in front of him to pick up his messenger bag, flashing him a little skin and I hand it over.

"Will you call me later?" I ask him. I pull out my phone to get his number.

"Of course," and then he leans against me for a last kiss, tongue darting into my mouth and nibbling my bottom lip before he turns and walks down the driveway. Leaving me wanting so much more as I watch his pants hug his sexy ass getting farther away.


"Well?" Kevin presses me for information. I stopped at his house on the way home from Ally's and we're playing some CoD.