Young Nastya Earns Her First Salary

Young Nastya waited in the hotel room for her first client for what felt like eternity. Her boss had dressed her in a figure hugging skirt and a simple white vest. She wasn't wearing a bra and her top was tight and revealed the shape of her perfect firm breasts. She didn't know exactly what was going to happen but she needed the money so desperately, and it suited her that she could choose her own hours.

She had just left high school, 18 years old, and the only job she could get was working in the local cafe, which paid badly. She knew she'd have to do something very special if she was going to earn any real money. The advert just said that every hour there will be a different man to come in the room and you just need to kneel there and let him do as he wishes, and to help him to offload his stress and tension from the week in whatever way possible. Nastya was an adorable pretty girl and she knew that men loved her, so she felt she'd be great a helping men relieve their stress.

The first man came out. She nervously knelt on the floor, with her arms straight down between her legs which pushed her fresh breasts together a little more. He walked slowly over to her till his crotch was level with her face. She looked up at him. He was a big man in a suit, on a break from his work in the city. His pants were already bulging and she could tell he had a massive package inside for her. He unzipped his pants and slowly pulled his heavy meaty cock out in front her and let it hang down onto her young face, letting her feel the warmth on her skin. His cock became more erect right on her face and slide up from her mouth to her eyes as he got harder.

He gripped the base of his cock and clenched so hard that the veins began to pop out and he slid his cock all over her face, exploring all the curves. His cock was alive and pulsing and she was in awe, she licked her lips and stared at head of his cock. He slowly pulled back the foreskin of his cock infront of her and let the huge bulging head of his cock emerge right in front of her eyes. He already had some pre-cum juices dripping and the head of his cock was pumped with blood, throbbing and needed attention. She opened her young and moist mouth and with her sweet pink tongue slowly licked the juices off from under the head of his cock. He groaned in pleasure and his cock grew and pulsed even more. She then let him sink his monstrous cock deep into her wet mouth

He slid his hard cock into the young girls mouth and throat deeply and fucked her beautiful and innocent face hard until he was ready to cum, and she couldn't wait. Her pussy was so wet and throbbing and she wanted to feel his warm juices all over her. He pulled his cock from her mouth and told her to take off her vest top. Whilst he was rubbing his veiny throbbing cock infront of her she slowly slipped off the straps from her vest off the shoulders down her arms, and her vest was now just resting on top of her pert breasts.

He was pulling his cock slowly and just letting it pulse and beat infront of her. He was just on the edge of cuming and was loosing his mind in enjoying the view of her undressing her gorgeous young nubile body, waiting to pulse his cum out of his erect cock into the young girls face and body. With both hands she slowly slipped the vest off of her upright pert nipples, letting the fabric slide off the rest of her silky breasts. She was so aroused and her breasts we so tight and her nipples erect.

He took in the sight of the horny young girl infront of him on her knees, looking at him with her big eyes and expectant gaze. He couldn't wait any longer. He came up closer to her and jerked his cock strong and could feel the huge amount of semen build up in his pelvis and balls. Her heart was beating like she's never known and her mouth was dripping with excitement. She had never seen such a strong and powerful older man so horny in front of her before and the thought of his cock releasing right there and then was mindlessly thrilling for her. She began rubbing her clit which was so hot and swollen now.

Then as he gazed at her beautiful youthful face he began cuming harder than he had ever cum before. He shooted straight into her delicate and beautiful face, beating his cock hard, right into her big eyes. He shooted into her wide and wet open mouth and the cum began dripping out off her lips and down onto her beautiful young body. He was groaning with pleasure and she was rubbing her swollen clit in ecstasy. He continued to beat his cock and shoot his semen right across her young breasts. There was so much cum and it was dripping onto her hands and she started rubbing his cum into her pussy and all over her clit, which turned her on so much it brought her right to climax.

His cock was hard as rock and he needed to now fuck the little girl hard. He knelt down infront of her, with his huge cock pointing at her beautiful horny pussy, whilst she continued to rub his cum into her clit. She was groaning in pleasure as he pushed the head of his swollen cock against the lips of her young pussy. He pushed her down so she was laying and he began to slide in his cum covered cock right into her tight young pussy. He shot his remaining few loads into her pink and warm meat, filling her up, whilst her body contorted with orgasmic pleasure

He then pulled out his satisfied cock from deep in her pussy and stood up over her, and let her lick and suck all the juices off. She loved the taste of his cum and her pussy juices and sucked out every last drop from his cock. She felt like such a slut and loved it, and was thrilled at being able to earn her money every day like this.

He zipped up his trousers again, opened his wallet and left her a pile of cash on the table and said he'll see her next week. She wiped her mouth and looked down at her used and messy body, her pussy still throbbing and tingling. She couldn't believe she was earning her own money for the first time and in such an exciting way, and it felt great, but she just needed a way of explaining to her mom where she is getting the money from.