Working At The Car Wash

"Oh, Mr Dawson..." Kelly's sweet, sing-song voice filled the classroom, along with her equally sweet lilac scent, "I have something for you."

I smiled down at the pretty 18 year old standing in front of me at my desk. Kelly reminded me of spring – her fresh face youthful; her small, perky nipples poking through the thin fabric of her warn cotton cheerleaders sweater.

"Here," she continued, handing me a flyer, "The high school cheerleading squad is having a car wash this afternoon in the student parking lot to raise money for new uniforms." She jumped up and down enthusiastically, "Go Cougars!"

"My car's filthy...count me in." I promised. As I took the paper from Kelly, my finger ran lightly over her small, soft hand, "Anything I can do to support a good cause." I assured her; my head was already swimming with images of tiny, wet t-shirts and short-shorts clinging to perfect 18-year-old bodies.

"Gee, Mr Dawson, I just knew I could count on you!" Kelly gushed.

"Anything you need, Kelly, you can count on me." My eyes followed her firm, little ass as she bounced away. I pulled up the blinds and gazed out the window. It was a bright, sunny day, unseasonably warm for mid-March. I watched Kelly prance across the the school yard with the grace of a gazelle. Suddenly my car wasn't the only thing in need of a cold shower.

My eyes took in the very appealing scene. Dance music blared from a nearby boom-box and a dozen sexy teen-age hips bounced to the beat. My eyes searched out Kelly and took her in from head to toe. From this angle I could see her clearly, and as always, I lied what I saw. As she leaned over a small, red sports car with a big, yellow sponge in her hand, I grunted out loud as I admired the bend of her firm, young body.

Her golden hair fell loose along her back in a care-free, natural style. She stood on barefoot toes as she reached across the hood of the vehicle, flexing her calves and thighs in the process. Subtle, although clearly defined, muscles sculpted her legs. Tiny denim shorts clung tightly to her ass, short enough to quicken the pulse. A white, sleeveless shirt was tied up just above her navel, showing off her rock-hard abs and tiny waist. Kelly wasn't particularly tan this early in the year, and the late-afternoon sun illuminated her pale skin, giving her an almost angelic glow. Her cloths were damp, plastered to her body in wet patches. White soap suds speckled her hands and arms, her legs and toes,even the revealing cut of her neckline. I took a deep breath; the whole scene drove me absolutely wild, and I grabbed my keys and hurried out to the teachers parking lot. Kelly spied my car as I drove up and immediately came towards it. She didn't walk; she never walked. Instead she skipped over with her usual energy and laid a smile on me that made my mouth water.

"Mr Dawson!" She exclaimed, crossing her arms along my car door and leaned in through the open window. The scent of blooming lilac bushes instantly flooded my car, while the silky skin peeking through the deep plunge in her shirt begged to be touched, and I had to adjust my hard-on in my pants.

"I was hoping you'd make it." she cooed sweetly, "And oh-my-god, nice car!" she took a step back and gave my black BMW 330i the once-over.

"Thanks. Hey, want to go for a little spin? I've got the smoothest ride in town." I offered with a wink.

"Sure think, Mr Dawson!" Kelly smiled shyly, returning the wink, "And I hope we do more than just go for a ride, if you know what I mean. But first, let me and the other girls give your car a good wash and make it all clean and shiny, okay?"

"Now there's an offer I can't refuse." I said, smiling.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has illuminated the the fasten your seatbelts sign," Kelly mimicked playfully as she guided my Beemer across the packing lot with exaggerated arm gestures, "As we prepare for landing, please return your tray tables to the upright position and remain in your seat with your seat belts securely fastened."

"Coffee, tea or me?" I thought aloud. Kelly heard me and laughed.

Most of the girls washing cars were scantily clad in tiny t-shirts and super-short Daisy Dukes, and I smiled as they wiggled and giggled around the car. It reminded me of the two-girl lap-dance my friends had gotten me for my 30th birthday: asses and tits flinging in my face, and me having to sit on my hands so I couldn't touch. I watched Kelly in my side-view mirror as she worked up a sudsy sweat on the rear of my car. She definitely stood out from the other girls swarming around my car; they were like Black Widow spiders eager to devour a male after mating. They offered up all kinds of provocative suggestions, things most teen girls like themselves were too young and unsophisticated to know what they really meant.

But Kelly didn't join in the chorus; she simply watched them flirt with me with an amused, all be it shy, smile as she continued washing my car.

"Hey, Kelly," I called out to her, making the others cringe with jealousy, "would you mind coming over here for a second?"

She spun around immediately on her heals, and apparently I had caught her by surprise, as in her haste to rush to my beck and call, her clumsy grasp released a big, wet, soapy sponge that hit me square in the chest with a loud slap.

"Sorry, Mr D!" she sputtered out between muffled laughter.

"Okay, you're mine!" I promised as I leapt out of the car as Kelly playfully began to jump away from me as I snatched up a nearby garden hose and dangled it over her head.

The vicious green snake spayed a relentless torrent of ice-cold water, drenching Kelly from head to toe while I laughed at her string of provocative threats. What was once a solid white, slightly damp blouse quickly became virtually invisible, soaking-wet piece of thin fabric, and Kelly's protruding nipples assured me that the water was indeed cold. My attack was relentless, my aim precise and my body alive as Kelly provoked a desire within me that, left unstated, could very possible have exploded and killed me.

But what a way to go!

Kelly's skin glistened from the moisture covering her as I continued spraying her with the hose. I allowed my eyes to fully appreciate her toned, teen body; no curve went unnoticed as she darted left and right, climbing over the car and pretended to make a run for it, only for the the hose to follow her every step. Finally she gave in and offered me the cutest little out.

"You win, I lose." She admitted.

"Are you ready to take that little spin now?" I asked, opening the passengers side door of my car. Without hesitation, she ducked into the smooth leather seat, her hands moving up and down the inviting interior. Then, without even realising what I was saying, I blurted out, "Are you interested in a little sex-education practice with your favourite high school teacher?"

"Gee, Mr Dawson," Kelly gushed, "am I ever! But I've never done it before. Hope that's okay with you?"

That was all I needed to here.

"Okay, girls, I'm taking Kelly home so she can change into some dry cloths." I told the open-mouthed group of student onlookers as I sped off out of the parking lot and onto a quiet avenue.

Kelly's erect nipples poked through her clinging top, her tiny curves begging to be sucked on, and I had to find somewhere secluded before I got too distracted and lost control of the car.

"Wow, Mr Dawson," She whispered, gripping the car door, "this thin really moves!"

"Yeah," I said as I brought the car to an abrupt stop just off a secluded wooded lane a few miles from the school, "the best things in life usually catch you by surprise and take your breath away."

With that I leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips. Heavy breaths raised and lowered her still damp chest, involuntarily pressing into me and drawing away. One of my hands groped hungrily at her tits, while the other reached alongside her seat and reclined it all the way back until it was practically flat. The turned-on 18-year-old sucked in a deep breath.

"Oh, Mr Dawson," she panted, "I've been wanting you to to do this to me ever since I walked into your class for the first time two years ago."

My hands slipped up her thighs, soft and flawless, as she stared at me with wide blue eyes. Tiny beads of sweat bubbled over her forehead as my fingers unbuttoned her shorts and pushed them quickly down her legs. I fondled her white cotton panties, tugging them in directions they'd likely never been pulled before. High pitched noises, somewhere between a moan and giggle, steamed up the car windows. I moved back up to Kelly's chest; I didn't have the patience to deal with so many buttons, but it was worth the effort as I opened her shirt, exposing her pale, ripe tits. The palm of one hand rolled over her erect nipples, turning them rock hard while the fingers of the other gently pried at her inner lips. More squeals, and more steam, were the inevitable result as my thumb pressed against her clit, firm and insistent. I stroked her in quick, circular motions as one by one I slid my fingers into her. First one, then two, three and finally four, my thumb still tending to her clit as I delved into her tight embrace.

I wanted, no, I needed, to prepare her.

I breathed into her neck, smiling to myself as shivers ran all over her body. Tender kisses trailed down her chest, just enough to catch her by surprise as I bit her nipple gently. Her back arched abruptly, thrusting her breast deeper into my mouth. With some reluctance, I moved lower, my hot tongue flicking at her clit. I licked her, tasting her as deeply as I could while my hands slid below her ass and I lifted her pussy to grind against my face. Tiny convulsions shook her as I sucked on her swollen clit, and in a sudden burst, her pussy grew hot, swollen and oh so very wet.

"Are you ready for me?" I asked into her navel as I studied her expression. She nodded, eyes wide, chest having and bighting her lip so hard I was surprised it didn't bleed.

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